Drive-In Circus

Our covid solution.

Our production takes place on an elevated traditional circus ring viewed from the safety of the audience’s own vehicles. The cupola of our home, the Big Top, is suspended in air, one to three large LED screens are suspended from the poles of the cupola to allow for close-up viewing. FM transmitters deliver sound to each individual vehicle.
Our originally produced Zoppé movie intertwines with the live show to create a full and engaging experience. 

Aerial View


The Zoppé Circus is the only Covid safe family entertainment available. We are on the forefront of providing opportunities for families to break the monotony and experience joy and escape from today’s worries.


All you need is a minimum 200 X 200 feet of space and local permits. Aside from our simple tech rider our production is all encompassing.

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We’ve been in circus production since 1842. We’ll show you the ropes.

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