Santos – Trapeze

Beginning in 1859, the trapeze has been an astonishing spectacle of human choreography, courage, and strength.  We welcome back the Santos Family: a unique troupe of only female flyers. The giant pendulum requires precision and these talented acrobats swing high up in the big top. After becoming airborne they fly gracefully and terrifyingly through the air only to be caught by another trapeze just as their flight starts its descent.

Now introducing the youngest members of their family to the show in a brand new and never before seen Perch Pole act. The amazing 6-year-old twins Alice and Elise Santos complete this elegant and hard working troupe.


Araceli Onofre and Roberto Santos are fourth-generation circus performers from Mexico.  Araceli grew up in a circus family and has always experimented with different acts. Having traversed the globe as a flying trapeze artist for over 30 years, Araceli and Roberto most appreciate performing alongside their three daughters.


On the heels of her mother’s legacy, at age eight, the Santos’ second daughter, Denisse became a flyer, watch her demonstrate flawless grace and impeccable timing in her trapeze act. Over the years Denisse perfected her hand-balancing act including using her feet to shoot the bow and arrow. In her free time, she enjoys practicing her routine and playing basketball.

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