Mongolian Contortionists

Contortion is one of the precious and rare cultural heritages of the nomadic Mongolians. A form of traditional art created to display the beauty of the human body, it is based on the flexibility of Mongolian women going through various breathtakingly dramatic bending, folding and flexing positions, all of which involve Mongolian traditional dance elements. The main characteristic  describes and imitates the pattern and ornaments of Mongolian fine arts. The patterns of the Mongol nations is to enact flexible movements showing the serene nature of Mongolian women through calm tranquil movement.

Otgonsuren Amarsaikhan

Beginning contortion training at twelve years old, Otgoo has traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Sweden, Philippines and now for the first time to the United States. At home in Ulaanbaatar, where her parents and three siblings live, Otgoo is studying at university to become a doctor. In her free time, she enjoys basketball and volleyball as well as singing and dancing.

Purevdulam Amarsaikhan

Puugii has traveled across the entire world performing, her favorite location so far is Sweden. She began training contortion at eleven years old and trains at the Mongolian New Circus Center in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Her extracurricular activities are playing sports; her favorites being basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Namuun Urantugs

Namuun began contortion training at 8 years old. She has traveled to Korea, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Philippines, Vietnam and Russia performing contortion, aerial and hand- balancing. When she isn’t working Namuun enjoys dancing and playing the piano. Her mother and two brothers stay in Ulaanbaatar.

Sunjidmaa Bum – Erdene

At the young age of six years old, Sunjee began performing contortion in Mongolia. Having traveled to six different countries she holds turkey and Sweden as her favorites. The youngest of her siblings Sunjee spends her extra time painting, sewing, and reading. Her favorite book is Tavlian-Destiny, this is her first time in the United States.

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