Giovanni Zoppé – Nino

Alberto “Giovanni” Zoppé has been a clown since the day he was born. Giovanni plays the character of Nino the Clown.

“Circus is family, and those two are almost the same.”

Giovanni loves to tell the story of his first public appearance. As a two-year-old, he left his babysitter behind and wandered out of his family’s trailer when he heard the music of his family’s act. He broke away to be onstage, and once in front of the audience, he took a bow.

“I was completely naked. They don’t let do that anymore.”

Giovanni credits his family with helping to maintain his grand traditions. He is now the director of the circus. For him, the circus has always been his career. He has never had any hesitation about life on the road, or about sharing his art with audiences throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

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