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Thank you for providing “Italian Themed” entertainment for my grandchildren -- saw you in Redewood City, Ca. -- they loved your circus. I belong to a few Italian clubs In Northern Calif. and will look into the possibility of bringing you in. I will be in touch with you as to procedures and requirements.

Una altra Volta -- Mille Grazie - I understand you folks are from Veneto - My parents were from Peimonte.

Remo Scagliotti

Remo Scagliotti
10-27-08 Greetings!

Loved seeing your show in Redwood City on Saturday, October 25th at noon. I came with David Hunt, who performed with you in the past. First time seeing the show and it was so charming. I wished there had been a program with information about the performers.

Best of luck and safe travels,
Karen Quest
Cowgirl Tricks

Karen Quest
10-27-08 Dear Zoppe Family Circus,

My son, Connor and I went to your circus yesterday in Redwood City and we had an absolute blast! Thank you for coming to our town. And I sure hope you come back again next year. I believe you can make a few stops in a number of towns in our area and fill up your tent every time…I’d be happy to help you determine the best towns for that too. Affordable family fun is a wonderful thing and I would love to have more people enjoy your show.

I could not believe how you engaged my five-year-old son who was Nino’s “helper” in the ring at the noon show (to help him get his hat.) He was so excited that he got to be part of the circus and he couldn’t stop talking about it yesterday. As he went to bed last night he said, “Mama, when I was in the circus today, I was a little nervous to be in front of all those people. But I liked it too. I think I want to be in the circus everyday. I liked making people laugh.”

Thank you for making us laugh.

Laura and Connor Moon

Laura and Connor Moon
10-26-08 Nino & Zoppe Family ~ just a quick note after your Redwood City, California show today. What a fantastic family you are and all such incredible performers! We really had no thoughts or expectations when purchasing our tickets for your performance, as we had never heard of or been to one of your shows before. WOW were we amazed and so thoroughly entertained by your comedic yet nostalgic show. We were all so enthralled in your mastery of circus talent and the unending laughter at crazy Nino. We especially enjoyed the sheep dogs tricks and your beautifully trained horses. It’s apparent that your animals are well cared for and are part of the family. Your show was such a delight and a welcome performance here in California, I cant tell you how happy I am to have had the opportunity to see your show. What a blessing and an honor to meet you and your family over an afternoon of heartfelt laughter! Thanks to all of your for all your hard work and dedication to your family tradition, you are simply fantastic!

With Great Appreciation,
Your friends in California!

Peggy M.
10-26-08 Hi to All!!

We saw the final show of your 2008 season in Redwood City California. What a great show!! My daughters (and my wife) are all dancing around the living room to the music on the web site just now. =) We especially loved the 6 sheep dogs and of course, Nino you made us laugh so much! Fantastic performances all around!! Great horsemenship! My personal favorite part was when the father had his two youngest kids REALLY WHIZZING around on that big bar!!

Good luck and good health to you all through the winter. We would love it if you could come back next year!!

=) =) =)

Baron, Carla, Madison and Abigail Arnold

Baron, Carla, Madison and Abigail Arnold
10-26-08 Hi All,

My family just saw you today in Redwood City and I wanted to thank you for an amazing event! You were kind enough to let us in early to be seated because my daughter is deaf but wears cochlear implants. It turned out we really could have sat anywhere which you probably figured, but you allowed us access early anyway! My daughter (not the deaf one) is usually afraid of dogs and horses but she was not afraid at all being in the front row. She just laughed and laughed. I usually go to kid events, begrudgingly, but even I had great belly laughs! Your circus reminds me of the interconnection between the old and the new, the past and the present, the sublime and the comical. Thanks again!

Amy Tedesco Pillitteri

Amy Tedesco Pillitteri
9-27-08 Hi Nino!

We just recieved the e-mail about Circus Flora on the CBS Morning news! Very Cool! Can’t wait to watch. I wish your Family Circus also appeared here in St. Louis. We could most definitely use another great circus act…perhaps in the autumn.

My family and I look forward to next June ( wow, that’s too far off!) You must bring my husband into the ring again so that I may get a video of him “attempting” to be you! In the meantime, take care and have a great winter.

See you in June for our yearly rendevous-

8-26-08 Hi,

I was at your circus this weekend (on Sunday August 24th) in Addison,IL. It was a total blast - I had a great time and wished it never ended. It was very touching and I have told everyone about it - even the part about getting kissed by a clown. I thoroughly enjoyed my self and hope to see you all again. I love you guys!!!

Ryan K.

Ryan K.
8-20-08 Having been a circus aficionado since a child (now in late 60’s), I looked forward to introducing my grandson to the circus. We chose YOUR circus at the Addison, Ill. West Suburban Italian Fest to do it. It did not disappoint!

Your circus is just the right size for a 3 yr old and the performers were so gracious and friendly to him. Of course, he loved Nino and made us all proud to be Italian.

We look forward to visiting the circus again this year (2008) at the Fest.

Thank you for keeping the circus alive!!
Cindy Grimaldi and Dominic

Cindy Grimaldi and Dominic
8-18-08 We saw you at the Altamont Fair this past Saturday & I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show. I was laughing so hard tears were running down my cheeks. I hope to be able to bring my grandchildren to see you next year. Keep up the wonderful work.

Kathy & Steve

Kathy & Steve
8-17-08 I cannot express to you how thrilled I was with the show you gave at Altamont Fair this year. For the first time ever, we visited the fair a second time during its week long run. We returned only because our 6 year old son was desperate to see Nino and the rest of the troupe again. (We managed to get there in time to catch your final performance on Sunday). Our son has always had trouble dealing socially and rarely finds joy in anything. He has always felt awkward and NEVER wants to be the center of attention and yet, when he was picked to help Nino retrieve his hat from the broomstick, he marched right out into the ring! I cannot tell you how happy my husband and I were to see him happy and grinning and enjoying himself. Even his sister, who had initially thought she had been picked, was so swept away with what a great time her brother was having, said not one (expected typical sibling-type) word about being passed over or ‘that’s not fair’.

I wanted Mr Zoppe and the rest of the cast to know how much they mean to one little boy. A little boy who, as I write this is sleeping with his new red cap. Even before he got to go into the ring our son felt a connection to Nino. On our first trip, the best part of the fair was ‘the circus and Nino’. Today the best part was ‘he asked me to hug him’ I could go on for pages listing every detail of the show that we enjoyed, my daughter especially liked the rope/trapeze act Instead, let me say that we will be first in line in 2009!!

Thank you all again so very much!!

8-17-08 Just saw your show last night in Altamont, NY. Wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my husband and I had. Hope to see you again next year.

The Davenports

The Davenports
8-16-08 Just wanted to say that we enjoyed the show so much. My son and his Grilfriend came up form Florida for a visit and we all went to the Altamont Fair.

We had so much fun.Its great to see a family circus that is still going to this day.Can’t wait to go to another show.

Take care

8-12-08 Thank you for a wonderful evening tonight at Altamont Fairgounds. Absolutely loved your show. Simple, yet exquisitely elegant in conception and execution. And I commend you for not using exotic animals, no need for that with all that you offer. Come back, and back, and back!!!

Keith Martin
Albany, NY

Keith Martin
7-16-08 Nino and Family

Thank you so much for performing for us at Winter Park Resort. We have had nothing but positive response from our guests and the locals in the valley.

We enjoyed hosting your family and we hope to see you again next year.

Winter Park Resort and the Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce Staff

Patty McCarthy
7-15-08 We went to one of your shows in Winter Park. It was by far the highlight of the trip! My kids - 12, 10, and 3 and my husband were very reluctant to go. They have been to much larger - Ringling Bros and did not like them at all. I was able to convince them to go and everyone had a wonderful time. You guys are amazing. Keep up the family tradition and we will hopefully see you guys next year in Winter Park!

The Millers
Aurora, CO

The Millers
7-14-08 What a joy this show is. This is a clean, happy show with lots of laughter. The one ring adds to the close friendly atmosphere of a wonderful circus family. My only regret was I did not see the show several times in one day. It is well worth the ticket price to see this show more than once. Thank you for the laughter and fun.

Phyllis Riley C. (3rd generation circus fan)

Phyllis Riley C.
7-13-08 I really enjoyed the circus. I usally really don’t like clowns, but you were the funniest clown I have ever seen thanks for coming to Colorado, hope you guys come back to Colorado I really enjoyed the animals as well heather r.

Heather R.
6-30-08 We attended your show at the Canton Italian Festival this past week end (twice) and thought your show was fantastic! We attended Friday night with friends of ours and just knew we would have to come back Saturday with the grandchildren. That we did and the show was as enjoyable as the night before. Our granddaughter loved it. We still have other grandchildren to see it so we sure hope you return to Canton next year. If someone would have told me that i would be attending a circus (the same one besides) two days in a row I would have said they were crazy. Again the show was great and I couldn’t tell you when I enjoyed anything so much. We had such a wonderful feeling after seeing your show. Again, absolutely fabulous… We sure hope you come back to Canton next year…

Thanks again for two wonderful shows
Santo Pedone and family

Santo Pedone
6-12-08 Nino,

My name is Maggie. I am 16 years old and I have gone to Circus Flora in St. Louis every year with my grandmother since I’ve been one. Every year we buy tickets to sit right smack-dab in the front and its been the greatest experience of my life, and every time it gets more and more exciting. I love Circus flora and its Unique performance. I look forward to it every year and thank you and the people of Circus Flora for maintaining an awesome show. I’m hoping to continue the tradition of coming every year and bringing more and more of my family! Thank you so much!

Your biggest fan,

5-10-08 HI Nino (Giovanni)

Me and my mom saw you at the Binghamton Kalurah SHRINE Circus on the day before and on mother’s day. During the show it was very funny when the ringmaster asked you what you could do and you said that you could kiss your girlfriend and pointed at my mom. You are very funny and I also like the little boy James. Me and my mom went to your website and ordered a hat of yours. I love your clown acts and think that you are very funny. Can’t wait to see you next year!

Love your friends,
Lacey and Robin

Lacey and Robin
5-5-08 I got a chance to work for those circus people for just a week, and believe me they have a rough life, but when it’s show time, no matter what, they are ready. I have loved circus all my life, seen many shows, and thought that nothing beat new wave circus ( Cirque Plume kind ) when it comes to emotion, I also think that too many clown acts really suck…we got to highlight Nino, I’m 37 and got goose bumps each and every time this clown made it up the rope ladder, playing a trick to the mean guy who wants him out of the ring…it takes a real good comedian under the clown make up to bring out this magic that makes you feel 30 years younger. GO SEE ZOPPE!

forza Giovanni,
Alex Zitaoni

Alex Zitaoni
5-1-08 Nino,

Thank you for coming to Ridgeland, MS for Kids Fest 2008. Our Family has seen Zoppe Family Circus 3 years in a row at Kids Fest. We have really enjoyed your show and this year purchased a copy of Sawdust, Life in the Ring. Thank you for the autograph on the DVD. We hope to see your family show again in the future. Thanks for the good family time.

3-9-08 Hello!

I met Giovanni at a hospital in Reading, PA (hope all is well with you, Giovanni!). He invited us to come see the show. Thanks! The show was great. I took my 2 1/2 year old daughter, a co-worker and her 4 year old daughter and we all just loved the show. It’s been a long time since I went to the Circus and it was great. Let me know when you’re coming back near Reading, PA I would love to come see you guys again…especially Nino!

God Bless All!

9-18-07 I saw the circus in Pilsen just recently.

It was such a chilly night, but no one would have guessed it -- everyone’s hearts were much warmed by such genuine talent, fun and compassion. I am so happy you are keeping your family traditions alive. It is so important, especially in our touch-and-go culture today.

Come back soon! I want more people to see you here!

9-17-07 Hello Zoppe Family,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my family and I had at you performance on Friday night at Dvorak park in Chicago IL. It is so nice to be able to take my boys somewhere where they can enjoy a truly wholesome experience. In these modern days where everything beeps, buzzes, and is automated it was wonderful to bring my sons to something so real.

I will keep my eye out for your circus. I hope you will continue to make stops in the Chicago area.

Maria Preuhs
Oak Park IL

Maria Preuhs
9-17-07 Dear Zoppé Circus,

Not able to find a rated G movie in the area, on a lark and not knowing what to expect, I took my 3 year old daughter to see your show at Dvorak Park in Pilsen Chicago last Friday night. We had a great time! In fact, I think I had a better time!! I was totally impressed with how intimate the venue was and how sincere the Zoppé family was throughout the evening. From the freestyle folk dancing and music before the show to the popcorn and hot chocolate, everything about Zoppé was “down home” and a rare flashback to how circuses were done. It really hit the spot on a lazy chilly evening and the memories made with my daughter will be something we will talk about forever. Next time you are in town, I will definitely bring my wife, other daughter and join your family for the backyard BBQ afterwards!

Your new fans,
Chester and Gabbi Mak

Chester and Gabbi Mak
9-15-07 Hello!

We came to your show in Chicago (Pilsen) last night and it was truly magical. Our 3 year old son laughed the entire time as did we. Your circus is an absolute treasure and should be seen by everyone. If you ever need help promoting the circus let me know - I own a national publicity company in Chicago and would love to help you spread the word if you need that. I’m also going to send this out to my 200 person Chicago friend list so hopefully they'll do themselves a favor and come see you too!

Thanks again,

9-7-07 We have seen Nino perform many times with Circus Flora. This year we were unable to attend so we were excited to see the Zoppe Family Circus was going to be at the St. Louis County Fair and Air show! It was so nice that you worked to make sure as many people as possible could see the show. My son’s girlfriend and my daughter’s friend had not seen a European style circus before. Everyone loved the show! Since a friend introduced us to Circus Flora back in the early 90’s, this is the only type of circus we go to see. Thank you for such a wonderful performance and we look forward to seeing you again in St. Louis.


9-5-07 To Nino and The Entire Zoppe Family,

I want to take this time to say what a wonderful day my family and I had watching your show on Labor Day Weekend at the 2007 Spirit of St. Louis Fair & Air Show. For just a moment you were able to take all of us in the audience back in time to when we were once kids. Your show makes us feel young again.

Nino you truly have a gift that’s touches us all straight to our hearts and brings an everlasting smile that lasts long after the show is over and gone. Thank You for letting us travel back in time with You & Your Family. You are all MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!! May THE ZOPPE FAMILY LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Everyone

Zoppe Fans
Iris, Dakota, and Bob

Iris, Dakota, and Bob
9-3-07 Hi,

Just wanted to send a little note to express how much we enjoyed your show! We saw you perform at the St Louis County Fair and Airshow. You are awesome!! Hope to see you back in St Louis again in the future.

Ron, Judy & Hannah
9-3-07 Nino,

Enjoyed reading about you and your family. Hope our paths will cross on the road.

See you down the road,
Bev Bergeron - aka Rebo the Clown

Bev Bergeron
9-2-07 So glad the storm in Chicago didn’t blow you away. We were supposed to see you on Thursday in Addison, the night of the big storm. I worried all night about you, your tent and animals. We made a special trip out to see you on Sunday before you closed. I was so relieved to know that you were all okay. I will miss your performances in Pilsen because my family will be out of town, but I wanted you to know that you are so loved. It is the highlight of my summer bringing my little boy to see you. I tell everyone how wonderful your circus is, truly what the circus is supposed to be. Take care of yourselves and come back safely to Chicago next year. I'll be in the audience clapping the loudest.

Ellie Carlson, Chicago, IL

Ellie Carlson
9-2-07 I don’t quite no what to say…WOW! just doesn’t cover it. My 6 year old son, my wife and I saw the show at St. Louis county fair and airshow. It was The most entertaining, warm, family show I think I have ever seen. The Zoppe Family actually make YOU feel like Family. It was obvious from the long, standing Ovation, at the end of the show, that I was not alone in these feelings. Everything about this circus keeps you on the edge of your seat, or doubled over with laughter I am bringing my son back down to there Circus tent at the fair again, it seems nether of us can get enough of the outstanding Family tradition that is Zoppe ! Bravo, and a heartfelt thank you, from my Family, to yours!

Iris, Robert and Dakota Nellesen

Iris, Robert and Dakota Nellesen
8-25-07 I took my 3 children (Emma age 4 1/2, Maddison age 2 1/2 and Ryan age 1) to see your circus at the Altamont Fair in Altamont, NY. I have to say that it was truly amazing and I think you guys did a wonderful job. I have been to see Barnum and Bailey Circus before, and felt very let down. I loved seeing Nino get right in the audience, and it was wonderful seeing my kids smile! Thank you all so much for a wonderful evening, I hope that you continue to bring smiles to faces for many years!

Jennessa, Brian, Emma, Maddison and Ryan
Scotia, New York

Jennessa, Brian, Emma, Maddison and Ryan
8-22-07 Dear Giovanni/Nino and family,

Hi my name is Victoria. Me and my mother saw your show last year at the Altmont Fair we were hopeing this year that you guys would come back and our wish came true! We went to every show mostly at 8:00pm. That’s how much we love your show. I got your dvd Sawdust and I can not stop watching it. Its my favorite movie now that I have it. Well I hope you guys come back next year.

Love your biggest fan,

8-16-07 My kids and I loved the preformance at the Altamont Fair. We were there with our farm animals. It was really hot and humid, but you all had smiles on your faces and were extremly energetic. You all looked like you were enjoying yourselves so much. It was a lot of fun. I hope you're there next year. I know my children will be looking for you.


8-8-07 Thank you to everyone for a wonderful show in Geneva, Ohio last weekend (08/05/2007). Our children (ages 11, 10 and 8) loved every bit of it. I also wanted to thank Nino for the toy doll he gave my son after the show. He made his night with all the fun clowning around. Stuart is not able to walk on his own and is wheelchair bound because of his quadriplegia. He now has a reminder of his wonderful experience.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

7-3-07 We just saw your circus last Sunday evening (07/01/07) in Tiffin, Ohio.

It was the most intimate circus that we have ever attended. We absolutely enjoyed the whole experience…from standing outside waiting to get in, to the very end of the performance.

Hope to see you again!
M/M Dwight Oney, Mindy & Selah Joy

M/M Dwight Oney, Mindy & Selah Joy
6-30-07 Giovanni,

You are fantastic, wonderful I just dont know how you get up on those horses like no probelm I hope you come back to Tiffin

6-30-07 Hello,

My daughter, niece and I saw your 7 PM show in Tiffin, OH last night and I can not say enough about the wonderful experience we had. I was hesitant at first. About 7 years ago I took my daughter to a local circus and was very disappointed. It lacked charm, friendliness and enthusiasm. It just seemed like they wanted your money and that was all.

Your circus was different. You can tell that EVERYONE involved with your troupe wanted to make sure that all audience members had a wonderful time. From the start it was evident…the friendliness of the vendors, the two piece band playing, other members getting the audience to dance, laugh and smile… I knew that this was going to be a special night. I kept thinking that this was what was done a long time ago in Europe…how to draw the audience in…make them WANT to see your show…and you all succeeded!!

ALL the acts were wonderful!! I couldn’t pick a favorite or say that one act was less liked then others. Dogs, tumblers, equestrian, hoops…sorry if I am missing any but they were all GREAT!!! I also liked the way that there was no down time…the way Nino would entertain while other troupe members disassembled and set up for the next act…you weren’t even aware of it. I asked Nino if he had any schooling and he said just 6 generations of being a circus family. You couldn’t get better training. I saw elements of Keaton, Chaplin and Harpo Marx all there. I am sure, since most of them worked vaudeville, that they stole their acts from the circus performers before them. When I went to your web site I saw that Nino was already in the Clown Hall of Fame…very fitting!! The “recessional” line at the end of the show…the meet and greet…what a excellent thing to do. Made audience members feel that much more special.

Again…thanks for a fantastic evening…in my mind…I got a glimpse of what a circus was like in Europe hundreds of years ago and couldn’t be happier!!

Leonard Donaldson
Fostoria, Ohio

Leonard Donaldson
6-14-07 Dear Nino,

On June 13th, I saw you at Circus Flora! It was funny when the elephant, Dondie, ripped off your pants! My friends Katie, Emmy, and I took a picture with you at the end of the show! You tickled me in the ribs! I can’t wait to see you next year at Circus Flora!


6-9-07 Nino!

It was wonderful to see you and all of your friends at the opening night for Circus Flora here in St. Louis. But I missed my shower! Maybe next year?

Your friend,
David Warren

David Warren
4-16-07 Nino,

My Best Friend and I saw you at the Zembo Shrine Circus Mar30-Apr1. We waited for you to sign our shirts after the last show Saturday. We just wanted to say that we loved the show and you really made it exciting. All the popcorn throwing to the people and saying about balancing the baby. It was all funny. Well I doubt it but hopefully you will be there next year at the circus!!!

Love one of your fans,

4-9-07 I just saw that ya’ll are coming back to Ridgeland, MS. My whole family is excited about it. We really enjoyed your show last year, I hope ya’ll continue to come back every year!! The show is GREAT. Love ya Nino!!


2-18-07 Greetings,

I am trying to contact Tosca. I have meet your family in Indiana around 1976-78? we were kids and my brothers hung out with Giovanni, I hung out with Tosca and Carla hung out with our friend Carla Paglesi. You would winter at our church, Seven Dolor Shrine.

I recently ran into your nephew/cousin Nikolas Wallenda at a Ringling show in Richmond VA. I was very excited to go to the autograph session with my kids so I could ask someone about you. He was the first person I asked. What are the odds? I asked him “do you know the Zoppé family, especially Tosca Zoppé?” he looked at me kinda strange then said “she’s my aunt.” I was pretty floored, but shouldn’t be, I know the circus is one big family. He told me a little about you but then had to go. I would love to get into contact with you and just say hello and how are you.

After the second year that you stayed at the church for winter, you went to Hollywood to help with the circus of the stars. I remember watching it on TV and cheering for your family. Then I really didn’t hear about you. I think once you were with Ringling’s? but after that nothing until now.

You and your family was something that I always kept with me and thought about often. Where you were, what you were doing, how was the lion, horses and all the dogs. I thought of your Mom, and her tomato soup. I’ve spent years trying to remember what she put in it to make it taste like it did. I'd love to know.

I hope this doesn’t sound weird, I’m not trying to be. Just want to say hello, and maybe you thought of me once in awhile. I hope you are well and happy, your pics ( and the whole family) are beautiful. you look just as you did when you were a little girl. That makes me happy to know that you are all right. I truly hope to hear from you soon.

The best to you and yours.
Still your friend.
Sheri Burke-Maimone

Sheri Burke-Maimone
2-4-07 Hello Nino!

I saw your performance on Radio-Canada (Patrice Lécuyer show) last week and, althought I’m a little afraid of clowns (!!!), I want to tell you that your poetry and beautiful soul touched me a lot, just like Daniele Finzi Pasca did when I saw Icaro a few years ago.

Hope to see your circus someday…

Best regards from Québec City
Julie xxx

12-22-06 Hi Giovanni,

How are you? I’m Vittorio, Luigi’s nephew, we met last October (or November I can’t remember;) in Genoa’s Technofolies fair. Do you remember me?

I visited your site as you suggested me and I discovered the ancient pictures of your family, and I will soon show them to Luigi and his sons Alex and Elio.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

ciao ciao
Vittorio Toetti

Vittorio Toetti
12-5-06 Nino,

Once again I caught up to you at Addison, Ill and Altamont, NY this past year. I just love the come in before the doors are open. I even was present when you walked the banner line of Circus Smirkus some years ago in Barton, Vermont. Keep up the great circus tradition and hope to run across you this coming year.

Circus Fan and Stunt performer
Jim Crash Moreau

Jim Crash Moreau
11-27-06 I love your website! Great to see another circus that includes family members!

Krazie The Klown

Krazie The Klown
10-9-06 My 1 1/2 granddaughter is just infatuated with Nino (that’s correct she is only 1 1/2 years old and just loves Nino). From the time she seen your show in Northlake, IL this summer, I have to draw a picture of Nino everyday when we color. She tells me “Nino, no blow your horn” and then makes a crying sound just like the show. She (we) just loved your show. She loved it when Nino started crying and got her Papa all wet with his tears (frankly so did I). We have to play the hat trick everyday also. She loves to wear the Nino hat around the house and about town. She tries to throw it on my head like Nino did and of course out comes my sweeping broom. It is a fun time we share together.

What a Wonderful show you have. Hope to see you next year if you are in town again.

The Dattilo Family

The Dattilo Family
Northlake, IL
9-26-2006 We loved watching the Zoppé Family Circus performance on Saturday at the San Genarro Festival in Hollywood, CA. It had such an old world feel to it. It truly was the most amazing circus our children have ever seen. It was such a wonderful treat. My daughter loved everything about it - the horse, acrobats, the dogs, and especially Nino the clown. Thank you so much for a wonderful time!

Thank you for a wonderful evening,
The Stilwell Family

The Stilwell Family
9-25-2006 Hello, Wonderful Performers!

This is Becky Boo the Clown (Rebecca Lynn) sending you a greeting and well wishes!

I was the main face painter at the festivities this past weekend in L.A.

I truly, truly enjoyed your show and look forward to seeing it again one day. I found it inspirational, fun, “old-timey” (I mean that with heartfelt reverence), exciting, and funny.

I wish you all the very best in Chicago and in every endeavor. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment and smiles.

Best regards,

p.s. Laffypants sends his very best, as well! We loved the show and have been telling everyone about it.

Rebecca Lynn (Becky Boo the Clown)
9-25-2006 In the third week of September, the Zoppé Family Circus played in Hollywood, the Entertainment Capital of the World. What they gave their audience was a far cry from the hip hop noise and sly manuevers to sell children on products through cartoons and action adventure. The members of the audience varying in age from babies to old folks sat in rapt attention as Nino the Clown went through his pantomine with sly smiles and warm hugs that would have made Charlie Chaplin a little envious and proud. The daring acts of the horses and trapeze artists were familiar to all, but what impressed everyone in the audience, even the tweenies still holding on to their cell phones, was the pure love and joy that was communicated by everyone in the troupe. As the Grand Ringmaster of a grandfather looked on (at what must have been his 10,000 performance), he smiled in a way that convinced us all that the dedication and enthusiasm of his family is what has kept him young all these years. What you get from the Zoppé Family Circus is not special effects, it is something far more precious and rare. It is the opportunity to escape for just an hour or more to see the real joy and love of performing and reaching out to the audience with a real connection. Please go to see them wherever they set up their tent. Hoping that they come back soon and play in several parts of Los Angeles again and again.

Kathryn Smith
Your Adoring Fan
Santa Monica

Kathryn Smith
Santa Monica
9-8-2006 Hi Zoppé Family

I was one of the ushers for your show tonight at SUNY Purchase. I just had to tell you that I don’t think I've ever had so much fun while working.

I recently moved to New York, but I grew up in the city of the Ringling Brothers and the Flying Wallendas - Sarasota, Florida. You can’t live in Sarasota without seeing a great deal of circus performances. But I have to say - your show tops them all.

Thanks for a great evening,

9-1-2006 Wanted to write a long time ago but never knew you had a website. We saw your circus at the Deer Park Festival in Huguenot, NY. My Daughter and I had the best time there. We love Nino! I wanted it to go on and on. Thank you for a great time. Each year we look for you, we haven’t found you since near us, but we keep looking and forever will.

Thank you again, it was by far one of the best show I seen in a long while (this was maybe 3 years ago!!)

Resa and Kyle Wallach

Resa and Kyle Wallach
Forestburgh, NY
8-26-2006 Dear Zoppé Family,

We’d like to ditto the comments made by others about missing you at the Erie County Fair/America’s Fair in Hamburg, NY. My sons now 8, 6 and 4 regularly talk about your show and Nino the clown. Our memories still generate smiles and chuckles. We truly enjoyed your circus and the talented Nino. There are few opportunities to enjoy such a charming program in such an intimate venue. We attended several performances over time and my eldest loved assisting Nino in the show. Good luck to you all and let us know if there is anything we can do to bring you back to Hamburg, NY (or northern VA for that matter!).

The Susas

The Susas
Springfield, VA
8-24-2006 I saw your show at the Altamont Fair and loved it! It was really good I really like Nino and everyone at the showJennifer
8-24-2006 Hello. My name is Tara Pollman. I saw your performance at the Altamont Fair on Saturday, August 19th, It was a superb performance. The only thing I didn’t like was the long time it took to get in and get seated. That is because I have a very bad leg. I have arthritis in both knees, legs, and ankles. Even though I did try to make the best of it. My roommate was with me. I think she enjoyed it also. Take care. I hope you can come back for the 2007 Altamont Fair. Take care.

Tara Lynn Pollman
Tara Lynn Pollman
8-24-2006 Dear Giovanni & family,

I want to thank you for bringing your circus to the Altamont Fair in NY. I almost didn’t go in the first night you were there. I never saw a circus I liked. But my daughter persisted. The show had already started and there were no seats nearby. So we stood behind the chairs. We came in on the dog act. Then out came the funniest clown I has ever seen. WOW! We laughed and laughed. When it was over, I said to my daughter, we have to come back and see this from the beginning. We made it to several more shows that week. Nino is so good with the children, women love him because he's a beautiful in every way, and men laugh until they cry. The performers that I had a chance to meet were very friendly and of course I couldn’t get enough of Nino’s hugs. You are so special, all of you, and when I watched you start to take down the tent on Sunday night, I knew I would have sadness in my heart at your leaving. Giovanni, you have made me into a life long fan of the Zoppé circus. By the way I’m the lady with the pink glasses. God bless you!

Suzanne Celella
Suzanne Celella
8-24-2006 My Husband was the Army National Guardsman (SFC D’Agostino) working at the Altamont, NY Fair when you were there. He is from Italy too. Him and our daughter Isabella and I saw your show. It was wonderful and my daughter laughed. She loves clowns and we adore Nino! Good luck and keep making people laugh. We love you all.

Schenectady, New York
8-21-2006 To all of the performers that make up such a great show I say “Bravo”! You filled our afternoon with joy and laughter. What a wonderful way to bring joy to the world! God Bless You All and we look forward to seeing you again and again. We had the pleasure of joining you in Altamont, NY on August 20.

Thank you again for bringing joy and laughter into our lives.
Mary Richichi
Mary Richichi
8-21-2006 Hi all!

Where were you? My family missed you very much at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY. My 4 year old daughter remembered your show from 2005 and was looking forward to seeing you again!! I looked and looked in the program book and I couldn’t find you anywhere. We were very disappointed. Who can I call at the fair and tell them to secure you a place at the 2007 fair? We hope all is well with you and your family!

8-21-2006 Hi Giovanni/Nino

My name is Victoria I have seen all your shows at the Altamont fair I have been to others like the greatest show on earth but yours is the greatest on earth because you interact with the people who watch it. My last name is (name omitted) it is Italian my great-grandfather came from Italy I am trying to learn Italian as best as I can so I can talk to my grand-father he knows English but I think it would be cool to talk to him in Italian. I wish to go to Italy someday and learn about my famliy. My mom and I would like to see your show again. Maybe you could give me some tips on learning Italian. I would like to keep in touch with you and the Zoppé family. By the way I am only 11 and my mom is the one with the pink sunglasses you will always reconnize her. And maybe me!

Keep in touch please

8-20-2006 Dear Zoppé Family and Friends,

Just saw your circus for the first time at the Altamont County Fair (NY). What a beautiful, fun, heartwarming experience. Thank you for sharing your artistry with us. God bless you in your work.

8-19-2006 Hello Zoppé Family,

Caught your show at the Altamont Fair, Altamont, NY. It was wonderful and alot of fun for all!

Buona Fortuna Mille Anni,
8-19-2006 WE cannot say Thank You or GREAT JOB enough. What an absolutely wonderful experience attending your show at the Altamont Fair. Definitely the highlight of our day at the fair and why we came back for the later show again. What a pleasure and reward to see that it was not the exact same performance the second time. We will watch your website for your next appearance in Northeast NY.

Thanks again for bringing your heart and your heritage and sharing them.

Stache & Daughter
Stache & Daughter
8-17-2006 Greetings Giovanni and all!

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful performance out in Northlake last Saturday. We loved the intimacy of the 1:00 P.M. show. Our family thoroughly enjoyed the pride and passion put into the show by all. It is evident, that tradition and excellence mean a great deal to your family and troupe. My two sons loved it when I threw my hat in the ring and Nino made me come and get it. They were smiling from ear to ear when I returned to my seat. We will be monitoring future show dates in the area next year, and hope to see you all soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family.

The Gallo family
The Gallo family
8-17-2006 I just got home from the Erie County Fair and I just had to tell you how much everyone there misses you guys. The show that they have to replace you is just awful, I couldn’t believe the rate at which people were leaving during the show (me being one of them) mumbling about how the circus was better. They just don’t even hold a candle to you all. Seeing your show was the highlight of my fair experience, and it’s just not worth it without you guys. I work in the NY Walleye booth up in the conservation building and would love getting to walk down the hill and see the best circus show in existence. I’ve never seen a show that was so family oriented. It was refreshing to know that I didn’t have to have a child with me in order to enjoy it. But on the same hand, I’m getting married in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to the day that I will have my own children to bring to your show.

I hope all of you are doing well and I hope even more that you will one day again entertain the people of Erie County. You are truly missed.

Wishing you the best,
Jenny Austin (soon to be Jenny Dumas)
Jenny Dumas
8-14-2006 Dear Zoppé Family,

We are crushed to find out today that you are not at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, N.Y. this year. “Nino was the best part of the Fair, do you think he will come next year? ” say the kids, Mac and Matilda. We hope so! We were just on vacation in the Catskills last month, so they think we should rush back to Altamont to see you there. We love you, but that’s a long drive! We’ll watch the DVD today instead, and wish you a wonderful summer, and hope to see you back next time.

Warmest Wishes,
Sue M. and Kids
Sue M. and Kids
8-7-2006 Brilliant show in Addison, Illinois!!! Nino has a mastery of the nuances and sophisticated complexity of comedy that is rare in a performer. I have worked in show buisness as an “insider” and have never come across a comedic performer with the range of Giovanni Zoppé (Nino). He’s up there with the best...Steve Martin, Dangerfield etc. The whole group put on a wonderful show.Sanford Fries
8-6-2006 Thank you so much for coming back again to Addison, IL. We enjoyed the show so much last year we brought some friends along this year.

It’s such a great show for kids and adults alike. For kids, the scale of the one ring circus is just the right size to experience the art of the act up close. And for adults...well, some of us are old enough to remember seeing 3-ring circuses in tents and really regret their move to large indoor arenas.

Thank you for keeping this wonderful tradition alive. It will be our family tradition to come to see you every year you return to Chicago.

Kind regards,
Kate M.
7-25-06 My name is Vernon Thompson. You probably do not know me but I toured with your family from I think about 1972 until about 1976 or 1977 with Col. Bill Voorhies circus in Michigan. I just want to say that it was the most fun I had with any job. Some of the acts were as follows; Janice and Rolland marcelli jose and autoro ponce;yoxalls merry managaree; toto the almost human gorrila; andreand and Ree; The Navarro Duo; Florence and Irv Lange and thier chimpanzees; also Mr. Ray Sowards and his concessions stand. Well I hope this finds you and your family doing fine. I will always remember the time your father hooked me in the mechanic and pulled me to the top of the gymnasium. Well I will sign off for now and will always remember the old saying from the greatest show on earth - "you can shake the sawdust from your feet but you can never shake it from your soul". MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS. ALWAYS LOVE YOU ALL IN JESUS NAME AND I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR YOU ENTIRE FAMILY AND SHOW. Vernon Thompson
7-21-06 I just (this evening) saw an ad for your weekend in Cleveland on TV. I wish I had seen it earlier. It would be nice to see you again -- but the rest of my weekend is really busy and I won’t be able to come to Cleveland. It caused me to find your Website and take the opportunity to send a greeting. I remember well that difficult time in Akron years ago -- and am very happy to see you all seem to be doing so well. I hope to be more alert to next year’s schedule and catch you next time around. I moved from Akron to Holy Family in Stow 4 years ago. Hello to all. God bless and keep you. Fr. Paul R.
7-20-06 I read the article by Jim Distasio about “Staging the Family Circus” in the American Profile magazine (July 16-22 edition) It was great! I looked up your site and spent over an hour checking it out.

Every child’s dream is to run away with the circus; the article and website gave me a taste of that dream. I pray you will have many more years of entertaining audiences and many more Zoppés to add to your family.
Prescott, Arizona
7-18-06 Dear Zoppé Family & Friends,

I just wanted to thank you so much for visiting us in tiny Tiffin, Ohio for 4 days. It was so wonderful to give my 1 1/2 year old daughter the opportunity to see the show (we saw it Thursday evening) and experience a historical family circus. My wife called me at lunch that day to ask if I wanted to go to the show; I was having a bad day and was pretty grumpy, but I agreed. It was the most pleasant surprise and terrific experience. We wanted to go back for a second performance, but weren’t able to make it. However, rest assured that it did indeed make my week!

Please give my best to all in the troupe––it was amazing to see how well everyone worked together and how everyone pitched in. My special thanks to Nino (Giovanni) for keeping this tradition alive, to Alberto, for gracing us with his presence in the intense heat, and to the gentleman who performed the tightrope act (as he was offering me some lemonade, we talked about all of the foreign languages in your announcement as the show was about to begin).

I know it was a –dreadfully– hot week here, with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, so you have my extra special gratitude for working so hard to entertain us. I’m sure that kept some folks away, but I do hope you’ll considering visiting Tiffin again and bringing the magic of your circus back to our town. I especially liked your band’s rendition of “La donna e mobile” before the show (ha ha)!

Thanks for everything!
7-16-06 Dear Zoppé circus,

Your artistry and your family spirit are beautiful. Thanks for coming to Tiffin, Ohio so we could experience your family tradition. I am almost 60 years old and this is the first time I came to a circus!! It was a pleasant and touching experience to see your rapport with the audience.

Joann Brodman OSF
Joann Brodman OSF
6-27-06 Hello Nino and all!

So glad you will be back in Chicagoland. Saw you last year at Caputo’s in Addison and plan to catch that show and perhaps some others in our area when you are here in July and August. Our son, age 3 1/2 now, still talks about you from last year, he will be so excited to see you again. Thanks for all your hard work!
6-18-06 We got to see Nino in St. Louis with Circus Flora on Tuesday, June 13th. What a show!! We always love Nino, and love being able to talk to him and the other performers after the show. He is always so sweet and happy to see everyone, it makes us feel good to be able to have our picture taken and have him sign our Nino dollies! I’m getting quite a collection after attending Circus Flora for the last seven years. Last year I got one of the very first Nino dollies, and the first one Nino ever signed! We just love Nino!

-Susan Kelmer and family, St. Louis
Susan Kelmer and family
6-11-06 We have been counting the days, since last summer’s visit with your family at Circus Flora at Grand Center, until we could see you again. Last summer was our first experience and we attended with our children who are now 5 and 3 years of age. My husband and I were absolutely blown away by the performances. I have never been a fan of the “circus” or clowns, but was thrilled and delighted by this special tribute to the way a circus was intended to be. My daughter, who was only 2 at the time, fell in love (as we all do) with Nino and didn’t stop talking about him for months. I attempted to get her a Nino doll after the fact, and was actually given Giovanni’s direct e-mail address to inquire, but didn’t want to bother him with something of this nature.

As our ticketed date approached, I don’t know who was more excited to go…us or the kids! I made absolutely sure to get tickets as soon as they went on sale so we could be right up front, as we were the year before. This was essential because Nino frequently sat on my husband’s lap, which was extremely memorable for the children. Not to mention, having those horses thundering around inches from us was an awesome sensation. Our children kept asking, “will Nino sit on Daddy’s lap again?” Well, he didn’t disappoint. Not only did my husband get to “adopt” Nino when he was banished from the ring, but Nino soaked us with his “tears.” I can assure you that the memories that have been formed in our time under your tent will last a lifetime for our children.

We feel so proud to have Circus Flora call St. Louis home. We feel even more connected as we live just down the street off of Grand in Tower Grove. Last year I found an “old” Circus Flora poster on e-bay done by Mary Englebreit that has been hanging in our children’s room. We are adding another one of your beautiful posters to our home, to represent all of the things that are special to us.

Sadly, the performance we attended had to be cancelled half way through due to inclement weather. While we are able to return for another performance with our ticket stubs, we cannot get those coveted front row seats!

We wish your family continued health, happiness and success. The work you do and the sacrifices you make have such a phenomenal and lasting impact on those who are fortunate enough to experience what you do. My daughter has her Nino doll now. Best thing about it is that the actual Nino saw her clutching it to her chest (finally….a year later!) and made a point of acknowledging that she had it and asked her for a kiss on his cheek. She is now constantly talking about Nino being her friend and wanting him to come over to our house and how much she loves him. It melts my heart that she was able to have that exchange with someone who means so much to her. My wish would be to have money with which we could part in order to support your wonderful production. Since that is not possible, we will continue to come every year as a family tradition that is eagerly awaited and please know that the impression you leave on the growing minds and shaping personalities of our children is priceless. We are honored to have you as an influence in their lives.

By the way, speaking for the ladies in the crowd, it is a bonus that you guys put your make-up on before the show for all to see. Not only does it allow the children to witness and understand the transformation of a person into character, but It allows us to see just how gorgeous Nino is out of character!

Kindest regards,

Stephanie Porrello
Stephanie Porrello
5-18-06 Hi Giovanni, my name is Ottavia. We met on May 14th at the Fuori di Zucca Parade in Milan, Italy.
Do you remember me? I was with my mother and I’m the 8 years old girl you have dance with at the end of the parade!!!
I wolud like to say.... You have been very great and I had a wonderful time!
I watched your internet site and I found it very lovely.
I spent a nice Sunday watching you and I will remember it for ever.
Thanks for everything


Caro Giovanni, sono Ottavia. Ci siamo conosciuti alla parata di Zucca, domenica 14 maggio, a Milano, Italia.
Ti ricordi? Sono quella bambina di 8 anni insieme alla mia mamma. Abbiamo ballato alla fine della parata.
Volevo dirti che... Sei stato molto bravo e mi sono divertita tantissimo!
Ho visitato il tuo sito internet e l'ho trovato molto carino.
Ho passato una bella domenica alla tua parata e ricorderò quella giornata per sempre.
Grazie di tutto.

5-11-06 Dear Zoppé circus,

The circus was so funny! I hope that you guys come back to Decatur, Illinois. It is the best circus I have ever been to. I went with my mom and dad and we had a good time. Nino squirted my dad. I liked the jugglers, Tosca, and the guy on the rope. I had so much fun.Me and my mom went twice. I’m only 12 and I really liked it. Even though you guys didn’t sell out, I still hope that you guys will come back.

You’re number 1 fan,

Hannah Breeze
5/8/06 Hey Nino and all the crew! We loved your show in Decatur, Illinois on May 6, 2006. Our little grand-daughter was thrilled with the lady on the horse. She said ‘Grandma, she is a princess!’ Thanks for coming to our town and hope to see you again someday. Mark and Carol Poland
5/8/06 Thank you to everyone for such a delightful time this weekend. I brought my grandchildren and enjoyed it as much as they did. Having survived cancer three years now, my little grandson comments frequently about my going to heaven. As we were leaving your show, we were talking about what a nice time we were having, and my grandson commented that I would surely remember this day when I was in heaven. I agreed- the fun we had with your “family” was surely a little taste of HEAVEN!! Thanks and GOD Bless.M Wallace
Madison, MS
5/8/2006 What a great show!!! Your circus family delighted the audience members in Decatur, IL last week. I am so happy you are so gifted at sharing your talents with others. Your performances are a great family attraction and we were delighted to host your troupe in Decatur!AYN OWENS
5/7/2006 Dear Nino,

WE loved it!

We loved the performance so much, we saw two shows while Zoppé played in Decatur, IL., wish we had the time to see it a 3rd time! What a grand show, so much talent in each member. Thank you for a wonderful weekend of fun & laughs!

Nino, you where so funny riding that beautiful horse at the end of the show ...We are still in awe...

Your new found fans

Linda and Bill O’Dell
Linda and Bill O’Dell
5/6/2006 My husband, son, and I loved the show. Our 15 month old was captivated by everything and he loved Nino the clown. It was our son’s first circus and I think it proved to be a very great time for all of us. GREAT JOB! Hope you come back to the area!Melissa R. Frye
5/5/2006 Hey thanks for coming to Ridgeland. I have never been to a circus before, now I know how much fun it is. I wanted to get you to sign your name on my shirt Nino, but there was a crowd there. I would love it if ya would come and do a show in Morton, MS. Good job playing that song it was really neat. Nino is just hilarious. I am very surprised you did not fall from that pole. Please come back I would like to see ya again and next time I will get your autograph before I leave. Please write back and let me know when would be a best time to come down here. I could not stop telling people about you all, ya did a great job. Now I am really a fan of yours. Thanks for the fun once again.Freda
5/5/2006 Bravo Zoppé!! Thanks a million for your Decatur IL visit!! It was my 6 month old little girl Lucia’s first circus and she loved it. Hope to see you again...we’re telling everyone about our fantastic evening-- All the best-- Phil S.
5/3/2006 You where in Ridgeland and now My family and I are fans. I will tell the everyone to go and see your great fun and talent. My prayers are for your safe travels.Randy
5/1/2006 My family and I had the pleasure to see the show in Mississippi April 2006. We hope ya’ll will come back to Ridgeland. It is a top rate performance by all. Nino is a very rare talent. The show is very personable. If I could, I would be a Zoppé groupie!! Don't change a thing, it's perfect.Tara H.
3/1/2006 Your website has given me alot of inspiration for our own italian circus we have to perform at school on Friday for our project to do with this book ‘Lionboy’ Please give me any info on Italian circuses send it to: thankyou Charlotte Whiteway P.S You have been very inspiring thankyouCharlotte
3/1/2006 we have been doin about circuses in our school and this week we have been making a circus for friday and our circus is called piccidilly circus and we are pretending to be Italian so i was wondering if you could send us some info on Italian circuses please send to: thankyou chloe millerchloe
2/24/2006 Hi I am setting at Larry’s new House in plant city Florida Just crusing the web when I found You See you in St Louis.Ron Lindner
2/10/2006 We saw your circus this past summer in Frankfort Illinois and enjoyed it. My son (not yet 3)still talks about “nino the clown”. If you come through Illinois again we will see you there. good luck to you and your family, Kurt, Michelle, Alex, and Elena CiabattariAlex Ciabattari
1/23/2006 My 2 year old daughter still talks about Nino and occasionally about the little dog who jumped from the balloon. We saw you in Addison, IL and hope you'll be back at Navy Pier this year so we can see you there.Kate Miller
1/21/2006 why not let us know where you'll be in 2006??donarama
11/15/2005 Hi Nino! I think of you every Monday night at my gymnastics class. I hope to be as good as you some day! Miss you!!Evangelista
9/11/2005 we loved the circus this you thanks the monroe Failyemily
9/11/2005 Giovanni, you have an artist’s soul. You are living your life with emotion and that is so very rare. It’s enthralling. Your circus is brilliant and your performance is filled with an intimacy and feeling that I can’t put into words. Seeing your show will be a wonderful and treasured memory which lasts forever. Thank you so much.Monica
9/9/2005 Dear Nino, What fun it was to see you perform in Fredericton, Canada on September 8, 2005. You made me laugh so much. I enjoyed sharing your sad feelings when you were told not to play music. I was amazed by your trapeze show. You are wonderful with the kids. They adopt you real quick and so did I. Long live Nino !!Carole Voisard
9/8/2005 Hey Nino, ════ I am Jasmine and I think you are awesome... I seen you on Sept 3rd I think at the Canfield Fair in Canfield, Ohio and thought you were so funny :) Expecailly when you did the music part and the guy said you couldnt pplay there so you went to the other side :) I thought you were gonna come over to us ... lol Well... I just wasnted to let you know my...(trimmed)Jasmine
9/8/2005 It has been almost a month since I saw the show at Erie County Fairgrounds in Hamburg but I can't stop thinking about how wonderful it was!!! We went to the Fair because we had free tickets so didn’t want to waste them. The kids were getting bored with the rides and the heat that day was awful. We didn’t have money to play games or much of anything. We were just about to leave as a result but w...(trimmed)Marilynn
9/7/2005 Dear Zoppé Circus, Well last year in 04 at the Canfield Fair was not that good and the horse that went out of control scared my mom so much she didnt want me to come and see you guys this year in 2005 but I went anyways and it was great... Anyway I love you guys ;) Keep up the great work :) I Love all the flags all over the tent! My fav part is the little brown poodle who gets up in the hot air...(trimmed)Jasmine
9/6/2005 What a pleasure to see a great family circus at Fiesta Italiana in Milwaukee. Keep the tradition going strong. The show was enjoyed by all. Come back soon!Marti
9/5/2005 We had such a good time at your circus at the Canfield Fair in Canfield Ohio. I hope you come again next year.Carrie
9/5/2005 What a wonderful pleasure it was to see you for the very first time at canfield fair,Sunday,Sept.4,2005. I was never a circus admirer because of the wild animals trained to do acts but this was a wonderful performance I shall never forget. I love Nino and his family. Thanks for giving me the oportunity to enjoy a circus.Judie Emler
9/4/2005 We enjoyed you show it was wonderful to watch a family doing something together.God Bless your family.Barb P
9/4/2005 I have had the pleasure of seeing your show 3 times in the past 2 years at Canfield and it is always different and a fantastic time, just as a side note your sister is a beautiful and graceful lady. Hope you get to come back again next year so I can remember a pen and get your autographs. Hope to see you again.Harvey Householder
9/1/2005 Saw you at the Canfield Fair 8/31/05.A very good show and I laughed so much. I felt like a kid again. Thanks to all of you.jimmy strawder
8/31/2005 This is the second year we have been out to see your circus and we are counting the days until next August. I have never seen my children laugh so hard. It takes quite a bit to crack a smile from my boys but they were on the floor! And after the show when Nino kissed my daughter - it was like a scene from the Elvis days! Thank you all for such wonderful memories. We will be coming back every ...(trimmed)Annalisa
8/29/2005 I heard the local NPR story and I had to bring my son. Venturing out to the suburbs is like a safari. He was totally enthralled from the opening skit with Nino; he must have been the loudest kid in the tent, because you invited him into the ring. Normally he’d get shy and hide behind behind me, but he hopped right down and ran into the ring. The warmth of the Zoppé Family Circus flowed from the ri...(trimmed)Mimi Rodin
8/29/2005 Friday night when I was making dinner I heard the piece about you on NPR (Chicago, WBEZ) I convinced my husband to go. We drove in horrible traffic from the city on Saturday night. Our three year old little boy had the best time. He wanted Nino to come to our house. Thank you so much for your art and heart. We will look for you next year back in the Chicago area.ellie carlson
8/27/2005 We saw your brilliant circus last night in Addison, Illinois. Thank you for your inspiration, I want to make a painting of you all! Tosca, I am hoping your horse is alright. He seemed to have gotten spooked for a second there. Best regards, Diane GreenDiane
8/27/2005 Giovanni: Last night’s performance and the chance to meet your family with Denise after the show will be a wonderful and extraordinary everlasting memory! Thank you for including us and creating a magical evening for so many people. Congratulations on the fabulous NY Times article. So well and richly deserved. Best of luck to you all in the future. You have made the circus come alive again for me...(trimmed)Ed Tracy
8/26/2005 I can't thank you enough for appearing at the Erie County Fair again in 2005. My son (who is 18 years old) and I try to get to the fair at least 5 or 6 times while it is in the Buffalo area. Because my health is not real good we missed coming a few days this year. However, the days that we made it we were sure to catch your show. No matter how many times we see your show it still makes us laug...(trimmed)Debbie & Shaun Herbert
8/26/2005 Amazing Circus, saw you in Addison last night.....this is not a dying art, its a new begining....Keep up the great work!Eddie Pieszchala
8/24/2005 What a great family. I love you guys. Have happy and safe travels. Always keep them smiling. Nino your the best. Popcorn here! who's ready? God blessJOHN PHAYRE
8/24/2005 We've only had the pleasure of seeing Nino the Clown perform with the Hamid Circus in West Springfield, MA a few times but we love his act and wish we could see the entire Zoppé Family perform! His act is always hilarious, thrilling and amazing!!Susan Buffum
8/23/2005 We see you every year at Erie County (8/20/05)--wonderful circus---Nino is its heart!!cookie
8/22/2005 During our visit to the Erie County Fair my brother insisted that we drag the whole clan (18 people) to your 4 pm show. Needless to say none of us were anticipating much & simply looked at it as a nice place to sit & recharge our battery. WOW, were we wrong! Your show was the highlight of our fair experience & all of us from the 3 year old - the 55 year old loved it. It was such an intimate, j...(trimmed)Shannon W.
8/22/2005 I would love to see your circus - will you ever come to Vancouver, Canada?!Andrea Klann
8/22/2005 I came to the Erie County Fair for the demolition derby with my mother and two sons Donald 7 and Michael 5. We attended your 1:00 show and Michael was picked to help Nino find his hat. We unanimously agreed to leave the derby to attend the 4:00 show. Michael has been practicing with a broom in the driveway since we returned home. Donald loves Nino’s LEGO mobile home! Thanks for a great time. I hav...(trimmed)JoAnn Allender
8/21/2005 This was our third year seeing your show at the Erie County Fair. You just get better every year! Look forward to seeing you next year!Gina Beeman
8/19/2005 great show i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)laura
8/19/2005 We are utterly smitten with Nino. 4 year old Mac went to bed last night with the red hat you gave him during the performance, and 6 year old Matilda went to sleep with the Nino doll in her arms. We all watched the DVD this morning with great delight. We had never seen the show at the Fair before, but will never miss it again.Sue M.
8/18/2005 My wife, little girls (2 & 7), and me saw your show today at the Erie County Fair. Of all the activities we did today, the one we talked the most about at dinner tonight was the wonderful Zoppé Circus! The smiles, laughter and joy your presentation generated were a sight to behold. I happend to be sitting next to a couple of “tough looking big guys”, and even they could not contain their sense of ...(trimmed)David Hickey, Jr. & Family
8/17/2005 I didn’t like the act with pablo, the one with nino was the best. I was at the Erie county fair August 15th 2005 with the pizzeria from Delevan.We try to go to see nino. That is our favorite thing.Jean Keller
8/17/2005 What can I say? You guys are fabulous! You are the highlight of my time at the Erie County Fair and I'm so glad you keep coming back! All my friends and family go to see your show and we just can’t get enough of it! I love that you can make it a little different every single time and keep people coming back day after day and year after year. Oh and Nino, the bit you do with your doll is just fanta...(trimmed)Jenny Austin
8/17/2005 We were at the Erie Cty Fair for the first time and it was my first time ever at a circus and it was so great! I especially liked the obvious comraderie among the performers. You were all great and it REALLY made the fair super!!Terry Sochacki
8/16/2005 Nino, Times have changed. Bur you keep the culture and quality going !!!! People love it !!!!! Thank you.Gregorio Docenko
8/15/2005 We loved it!! I was just as thrilled as my 2 daughters. The look on their faces were priceless. My 2 year old is still calling for Nino. There should be more family shows around like this! WONDERFUL!!!!Brandy Andrews
8/14/2005 I to just happened to walk in and watch the show last year. I had tears of joy in my eyes. The Acrobatics were fantastic and the dogs were very cute. But Nino you made me tear up watching you and the little children laughing. Thats what we all need more of Laughter. Thank you Nino and thank you Zoppé Family Circus hope to see you next year at the Erie County Fair.Mark R.Wetzler
8/14/2005 We just stumbled upon the show at Erie County Fair & thought it was the best part of the fair. I just wish it was getting more publicity; I think EVERYONE should see it.Karin Bryndle
8/13/2005 I would like to respond to the comment about the mistreating of Zoppé’s animals. My family and I have seen the show millions and millions of times now and thought the animals were being treated fairly. The horse was just wearing a saddle, and poodles are known for walking on their hind legs for long periods of time. The animals always seem to be happy, and I’m sure the whole Zoppé family could agr...(trimmed)Anneliese
7/27/2005 I really enjoyed the circus! my family really enjoyed it so much we saw it 2 times over the weekend on the 22nd and the 23rd of July at the festa Italiana. Thank you soo much for choosing my nephew out of all the children in the crowd to participate in the show that really made his day thanks again. we took some great pics of him helping nino with his silly hat. I hope that there will be a show i...(trimmed)Rhonda Kazmierczak
7/20/2005 I did not like the show at all. I think that you did not treat the animals properly. My main concern was the pony and the two dogs that you dressed up in costumes. I would really apprciate it if you took better care of your animals. Itreally bothers me to see animals being tortured. Please think about it. Thank you.Natalie R.
7/11/2005 Together with my wife Cathy and son Quinn (2yrs old) We went and saw your show in Frankfort, IL. It was a pleasure to see all of you perform. This is what a circus should be like. Nino your fantastic. My family wishes you continued success. Don't ever stop doing what your doing. See Ya.Sean Kavanaugh
7/7/2005 Greeting,My parents met you years ago 1950-1975.They know Willie Lamberti do you know where the family is?I'm tring to find the family for my dad. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Aletha Wood 688 Derry,N.H.03038 603.870.9243Aletha Dickey Wood
7/6/2005 Loved you at Circus Flora in St. Louis. Can't wait for next year!!! Thank you!!!Duke Angell
6/24/2005 Annabella who is 4 and up until now intended to be a certified arborist and part-time ballerina, has now decided, after seeing Circus Flora, that her career path should follow that of Nino. (I believe that Love has struck) St. Louis Circus Flora and Nino!Sandy LaRouche
5/11/2005 you guys truely are the best. i love the circus..and you guys make it a ton better. hope to see you there next year, and nino is a wonderful clown!shannon
5/3/2005 There is NO BETTER than NINO ! Thank You for the great laughs in West Sprinfield, MARay
4/25/2005 Saw you at the Canfield Fair 8/31/05.A very good show and I laughed so much. I felt like a kid again. Thanks to all of you.Debbie
3/15/2005 I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the new DVD soon to be released, entitled “SAWDUST” Life in the Ring. The emotions portrayed in this documentary fill every crevice of the human soul. From the magical make believe land, to the true perils in the realistic realm. Thank you to the entire Zoppé Family for all the dedication and emotion you put into your life…. into your true celeb...(trimmed)Lynn
1/11/2005 Love you all, and hope to see you soon!Max Young II
12/20/2004 Greetings, so nice to find you after many years. I was a teen member of the Zoppé riding family from 1954-1959.I did the slide for life taking over from Ruggera.I helped take care of Albertino & Delilah.My name then was Denise Deanna Stefani. I look forward to meeting you all one day. Where are Ruggera and Fritz Lauber? I hope Berto is feeling better now. God bless you and tell him that I said hel...(trimmed)Ashtar-Athena Sheran
10/13/2004 The Zoppé Circus was fantastic. Thank you for sharing your tradition with us all in Cleveland. I can’t tell you the last time I had that much fun. You brought so much more than a circus to us you brought an experience, and one that I will NEVER forget .Thank You Giovanni and Family :)Elizabeth
10/8/2004 Nino the clown ROCKS!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!Cleveland,Oktoberfest
10/8/2004 The Zoppé Family Circus was the most exciting event at the 2004 Oktoberfest in Cleveland,OH... Nino the clown(Giovanni)was the funniest clown I had ever seen before. My friends and I Went to see your show three times that day. THANKS YOU!......Ken Thorp
9/18/2004 BRAVO!!!! You made my family’s year. We went to the Canfield Fair 2 extra days just to see you. My 3 year old, Kylie, still talks about it, especially Nino. Hope to see you next year!!!!!shannon
9/15/2004 My family and friends enjoyed your show immensely. All the acts were very talented. I hope you return to the Canfield Fair next year.Dana
9/12/2004 Thank-you for coming to the Canfield fair in Sept. 2004. My family and I had the greatest time! We attended the show 4 times, and very impressed with your dedication and talent. I spoke the the fair board and requested you return next year. We look forward to your next visit, thank-you for continuing to carry on in your families’ tradition.pamela
9/8/2004 Fabulous show, I hope you can come back to Canfield next year, Tosca you are the greatest.Launa Lynn
9/5/2004 Thanks,Thanks,Thanksbob
8/22/2004 Just wanted to say thanks for another wonderful year at the Erie County Fair. You are the highlight of my day every year. Wishing you much success and many happy journeys.Jenny Austin
8/22/2004 i wanted to tell you that until we saw your show yesterday my son was scared to death of clowns....he totally loved your show and laughed harder than i have seen him in a very long time...great job....thanks again...continued success!!!!!!sharon davey
8/17/2004 i love your circus i go to the erie county fair every year and wath your circus over the lasst 2 years i have seen your circus about 5 times and many many many many more to come god bless you all!gina